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This preset is used for one of my best photo and I used only once [LINK].
It creates a fairy tale effect to the images. Many people are surprised when to see the before/after of my photo and now here's your opportunity to have the exact look like one of my photo. Enjoy it!

3.00$ USD

*Digital download
Camera RAW Preset will be sent via download link once preset pack has been purchased.
  • Locate your download and extract the .zip file.
    (Check your Downloads folder if you’re unsure where you saved it.)
  • Select all the presets file (they all have .xmp suffix).
  • Copy all the .XMP files (copy the individual files, not the folder)
    and Paste them into the Camera Raw Settings folder:
Macintosh: /Users/UserName/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRawFolder/Settings
WindowsXP: C:Documents and SettingsUserNameApplication DataAdobeCameraRawSettings
Windows 7: C:UsersUserNameAppDataRoamingAdobeCameraRawSettings

  • Open any RAW file in Adobe Camera Raw.
  • In Adobe Camera Raw, select the Presets Tab on the right toolbar
    and pick the preset of your choice.